Aura white Advance cell series 3pcs set

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    with 1- *vitamin PP, 2-*Raspberry ,3-*opuntia ficus -indica stem cell extract,
    to preserve skin lightening,moisture and elasticity ~ Lightening and dullness correctingnew technology.

    COSMOCELL product ingredient AURA WHITE is a comprehensive range of products to regain skin luminosity and enhance its pure translucency.


    AURA WHITE products have been formulated with a complex of powerful natural active compounds to alleviate skin yellowing and dullness , to promote a uniform complexion and to underline skin's natural brightness and translucency.

    The complex works by acting on the main causes of skin darkening , including glycation, carbonylation and melanogenesis, flawless fair complexion , while the insertion of components offer oil-soluble raspberry stem cells,opuntia ficus –indica stem cell extractDNA and increase the antioxidant effect on collagen function.



    COSMOCELL 瑞士产品之崭新科技〜水光亮白护肤專利成份提取 1-*维生素PP 2- *菓梅干细胞提取物 3-*Ficucell vita stem cell-保持美白水分和弹性〜速度的修复暗哑無光之皮肤和改善皮肤暗黃有效美白之功效,
    AURA WHITE水光亮白系列〜是一個全面範圍的產品,以恢復皮膚的亮度和提高其透明度。
    AURA WHITE水光亮白系列〜產品已經制定了強大的天然活性復化合物,以減輕脫水,
    *菓梅干细胞,Ficucell vita stem cellDNA Repair-作用於抗氧化和增加膠原蛋白增生的功能。

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