Whitening Cleansing Milk 200ml

  • Cosmocell Whitening cleansing milk 200 ml
    适合任何皮肤For all skin type
    高水分足美白洗面乳ph 平衡
    早晩取适量whitening cleanser milk 脸部颈部,然后轻柔地以打圈动作轻轻按摩5 分钟,棉花擦干净,然后用水冲洗,再用高级whitening active toner 200 ml 美白紧肤水 Or aura white essence in Lotion 50 ml ,以平衡收紧肌肤。

    Main ingredient 主要成分
    1)Bearberry Extract:is natural rich in arbutin 熊果精华:美白防止黑色素集聚.
    2)vitamin C extract : 刺激纤维组织,含有维生素C美白功效。
    3)甘草精华: 滋润,鍞静,消炎,抑制细菌的特性。
    5)Yarrow extract草精华:瑞士美白植物Is a peculiar Swiss plant that derived skin lengthening。
    6)Mulberry Root extract:从桑椹根干燥后的皮中萃取出苯基黄銅.是现代美容的有效美白因子,阻止黑色素的产生,具有消炎,润泽的特性,更具有抗自由基抗氧化功效。
    7)sweet almond oil(甜杏仁油)滋润舒缓肌肤
    8)NMF 天然保湿因子,锁住水分,防止水分流失。
    Cosmocell Whitening cleansing milk 200 ml
    High Moisture Whitening Facial Cleanser
    For all skin type
    High moisture foot whitening facial cleanser ph balance
    Moisturizing and moisturizing, mild quality cleansing milk, rich in plant extracts, can quickly decompose any traces of impurities and completely remove excess oil.
    It can effectively remove cosmetics and dirt on the skin, restore the skin to luster tin foil, keep the skin elastic and preserve its whitening effect.
    It can effectively remove the cosmetics and dirt on the skin, restore the skin's luster and meticulous, and keep the skin elastic and white.

    Use method applications
    Take an appropriate amount of whitening cleanser milk on the face and neck early in the morning, then gently massage in a circular motion for 5 minutes, wipe it off with cotton, rinse with water, and then use advanced whitening active toner 200 ml Whitening Essence in Lotion 50 ml to balance and tighten the skin.


    Main ingredient
    1) Bearberry Extract: is natural rich in arbutin bearberry extract: whitening to prevent melanin accumulation.
    2) vitamin C extract: stimulates fibrous tissue, contains vitamin C whitening effect.
    3) Licorice extract: Moisturizing, calming, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties.
    4) Cucumber Jinhua: soft, firm and balanced.
    5) Yarrow extract grass essence: Swiss whitening plant Is a peculiar Swiss plant that derived skin lengthening.
    6) Mulberry Root extract: phenyl brass is extracted from the dried mulberry root skin. It is an effective whitening factor for modern beauty, prevents the production of melanin, has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties, and has anti-free radical and antioxidant effects.
    7) Sweet almond oil (sweet almond oil) moisturizes and soothes the skin
    8) NMF natural moisturizing factor, lock in moisture and prevent moisture loss.
    9) Glycerin: moisturizing and moisturizing effect.